If you discover 13 or 26 colorful flamingos in your yard or your neighbor’s yard – “you’ve been flocked”, or they have!  Meaning a friend has paid Helping Hands of Celina to place these colorful darlings in your yard or a place of business to help raise awareness of foster care needs in our area and supporting our local foster care families.

This is a fun, light-hearted, fundraiser. This flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean.  These flamingos will roost on your lawn up to 24 hours when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend (victim’s) lawn. The removal of these flamingos will be done at no charge, so please don’t hurt our feathered friends.

Would you like to FLOCK someone or a business in Celina?

Please fill in our FLOCKING form and make your payment.  You will notice there are TWO size options for FLOCKING someone.  There is a $13 option and a $45 option.  How did we come up with that pricing? Glad you asked! 13 is the number of kids (average) that go into foster care PER DAY in Collin County.  45 in the number of kids (average) that go into foster care PER DAY in the state of Texas.

Sign up your friend or business (victim) today and they will be added to our flocking calendar and surprised soon!

**Please know that your friend can bribe us… for a $10 donation… we will spill the beans on who flocked them! #ItsForAGoodCause

Are you the person who was FLOCKED?

Then do the right thing and #FLOCKItForward to the next person or business!  Also, take pictures of your flocking, tag HHOC on social media and keep the fun going.

Do you want to support the cause, but not interested in our colorful friends coming to visit your lawn?

Then purchase our ANTI-FLOCKING Insurance Policy.  The policy is $30 and will ensure your house or business is kept flocking free.  You will receive a yard sign that shows you have purchased this policy to show your support.

There is a fun catch… IF a friend reaches out to HHOC to FLOCK you and you already have an insurance policy in place and they are not aware of it…we will not tell them.  We will turn around and FLOCK them.

**Please feel free to tag us in any pictures you take (unless you are angry) and use the hashtag #flockitonbyhhoc & #followtheflockbyhhoc

Thank you for your sense of humor and your support.

    Flocking for Foster Care Order Form by HHOC

    How Many Flamingos do you want to Migrate to your "Victim's" Yard?

    **The reason we do $13 is because there are 13 children placed into Foster Care in
    COLLIN COUNTY (on average) EACH DAY.

    **The reason we do $45 is because there are 45 children placed into Foster Care in the
    state of TEXAS (on average) EACH DAY.

    **Please note that your friend can pay HHOC a donation fee of $10 to find out.


      Anti-Flocking Insurance

      The Purchase of this Anti-Flocking Insurance guarantees that no flock of flamingos
      will roost on my lawn as they migrate around the city during the course of this
      fundraising event.

      The Cost of this Insurance requires a Premium of $30.

      **A sign will be delivered to your address stating you are covered with Anti-Flocking

      **This policy is valid from time of purchase through end of fundraiser (May).

      **If one of your friends/family members signs you up for flocking and does not realize you
      have this policy in place… the joke will be on them! We will not let them know you have it.
      We will flock them instead!