Jill Rutland


Jill Rutland is a Texas girl who loves her family, ministering to others, and escaping to the mountains, in that order. She’s always had a heart for youth ministry and the great outdoors, so naturally she majored in Bible and Youth Ministry at Columbia International University in South Carolina, while spending time at Rocky Mountain-based Bible school Ravencrest in Estes Park, Colorado.

After graduation Jill worked full-time in Colorado Springs and Austin with Young Life, a Christian youth ministry that empowers and prepares teenagers for life and leadership. She also coached and developed a youth and adults swimming program for the YMCA of Austin.

Jill lives in Celina with her four kids, husband Chris, dog Kona, and their certifiable-yet-beloved extended family. Her heart is as big as the Lone Star sky and her greatest desire is to use her gifts to serve others. When she’s not working part-time at The UPS Store, or on a committee at one of the schools, you’ll find her fellowshipping with the women’s group at her church.

If Jill won the lottery tomorrow, she’d build a giant house in the mountains with doors always open to family, friends, and anyone who may be in need some of unconditional love and a hot bowl of chili.